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Gateway To Jazz Kissa - Vol. 1 English Version

Gateway To Jazz Kissa - Vol. 1 English Version

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GATEWAY TO JAZZ KISSA, VOL. 1: Jazz Kissa Tour in Tohoku and the Story of Jazz Time Johnny

Jazzu Kissa 是日語中“爵士咖啡館”的意思,是日本各地的小型舒適咖啡館。這些小咖啡館是親密的地方,讓他們的遊客可以享受一杯好咖啡,更重要的是,美妙的爵士音樂。

GATEWAY TO JAZZ KISSA 第一卷首次以英文出版,記錄了 2011 年 3 月在日本東北部地區發生的東日本大地震後六家爵士咖啡館面臨的挑戰。這本書由#VINYL 和 Jazz City 的創始人 Katsumasa Kusunose 編輯,捕捉了 Jazzu Kissa 文化的精神。當您探索 Jazzu Kissa 的歷史和輝煌時,美麗的圖片伴隨著美麗的文字。



Jazzu Kissa, which is Japanese for ‘Jazz Café’, are small, cozy, cafes found throughout Japan. These small cafes are intimate places that allow their visitors to enjoy a good coffee, and more importantly, great jazz music.

Published for the first time in English, the first volume of GATEWAY TO JAZZ KISSA documents the challenges faced by six jazz cafes after the Great East Japan Earthquake which occurred in March 2011 in the Northeastern Japan region of Tohoku. Edited by the founder of #VINYL and Jazz City, Katsumasa Kusunose, the book captures the spirit of the culture of the Jazzu Kissa. Beautiful pictures are accompanied by beautiful words as you explore the history, and splendor of the Jazzu Kissa.

Edited, Produced, & Published by Jazz City, Japan. 

Soft Cover 

56 Pages 

W210mm x H278mm

 Note: This book is only available in English

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